Handling History

Course Details
Audience: Class teachers
Year 3/4- January 17th 2024
Year 1/2- January 18th 2024
Time: 9:30am-3:45pm
Venue: Online via zoom
Cost: £110
Facilitated by: Chris Trevor

Do you want a wealth of suggestions on how to meet the high level outcomes for children in each of the phases for History? These will be based on the very latest research, pedagogy and guidance from the Historical Association and Ofsted. These online courses will be presented by Chris Trevor and are designed for class teachers (rather than subject leaders), to develop their own subject knowledge and therefore ensure secure pupil knowledge and understanding of historical substantive and disciplinary concepts. We will introduce the disciplinary knowledge of History (how historians study the past and construct accounts). There will be regular screen breaks, practical interactive activities and all delegates will be encouraged to share good practice and network with each other on this online course.

We will start by establishing your bespoke requests for which History units you cover in the appropriate phase in your school. Each session will carefully consider the following:

· The expectations for the knowledge and conceptual understanding, with appropriate progression and growing awareness of diversity, based on the current guidance and N.C.

· How to build upon prior knowledge and demonstrate how the study will prepare them for the knowledge, vocabulary and concepts, which they will need in future learning.

· Methods to develop pupils’ “mental timeline” of the past and their coherent chronological understanding over and within long and short timescales.

· Engaging activities to develop a love and understanding of history and how historians work, for your children.

· Local and regional historical perspectives of national and global historical contexts, so pupils understand their own identity, living where they do.

· The enquiry approach and how it can be used to develop and maintain interest and curiosity.

· Creative ways for children to show what they know, at the end of an enquiry, in addition to extended writing.

· Ways to assess knowledge and understanding, to ensure that all pupils make progress in their knowledge of history.

· Meaningful cross curricular links with other subjects with the History units for the phase.

· Appropriate resources for the stage and age of the children, with recommendations for narrative and non-fiction books, archive material, documentary and artefact sources, will be suggested, together with a range of websites to support the development of the child’s understanding of History and your own subject knowledge as a class teacher.

These sessions will be held in age phases:

Year 5/6- December 7th 2023

Year 3/4- January 17th 2024

Year 1/2- January 18th 2024

Please note these sessions are a repeat of the courses first presented on behalf of TTSA since 2021

About the facilitator Chris Trevor

· Formed Chris Trevor Consultancy in 2010, after many years of teaching 5-11 year olds (KS1/KS2) and as the History, Geography and Creative cross-curricular Adviser for Cheshire.

· Supports schools and History and Geography subject leader networks across Cheshire and Greater Manchester and for some North-east authorities. She helps subject leaders design and deliver a creative, but rigorous approach to ensuring learning which meets the scope and the ambition of the National Curriculum and the current focus upon the development of disciplinary and substantive knowledge and concepts in both subjects.

· Presents practical class teacher courses, demonstrating how to make Geography and History engaging for teachers and children!

· Leads initial teacher training for academies, inspiring and preparing future teachers.

· Presents national courses across England and has spoken at many national History and Geography Association conferences.

· Has written schemes of work for most of the History and Geography N.C. units of work.

· Published local geography and history study packs for Ellesmere Port, Northwich and Warrington districts, writer of schemes of work and articles in Primary Geography publication.

· Advisor – BBC WW1 animated films/ Bitesize “Proud to be” series.

· Awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Historical Association in 2021.

· Designer of geography equipment and practical history activities.

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