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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Bright Futures Training offers an unparalleled training and school support service, with an outstanding reputation locally, regionally and nationally. By choosing Bright Futures Training, you will receive high-quality training with a range of excellent practitioners who are experts in their respective areas. All training and support has the child at heart with a desire to gain the best outcomes for all young people.

It is our vision that our schools are ‘capacity givers’ as well as receivers in a truly collaborative way.

We work hard to work in a ‘connected’ way with all the other school-led networks to ensure a whole system approach.

The following areas of focus underpin our vision:

  • embedding opportunities to develop leadership training and coaching to support the development of highly skilled middle leaders, senior leaders and Headteachers
  • providing high-quality tailored support for schools
  • designating and deploying Specialist Leaders of Education
  • an ongoing commitment to the well-being of staff and pupils throughout all our work

Our Values

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